Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making Money From CPA Offers

Everybody knows that CPA offers are a lot better than promoting affiliate products. During the last year CPA offers are becoming more and more attracting to online marketers, and that's because they are a lot easier to work with.

Until now if you wanted to make money online you would research for a product to promote in the clickbank marketplace or in any other affiliate directory. Then you would promote it and bring traffic to the publisher website, and hope for someone to buy the product so you'll be able to make a sale.

Well, that's really cool, but why you should make someone to take his wallet out and pay for a product while you can promote CPA offers and make money from an action that somebody you have sent should make? It's a lot easier for you to drive traffic to a CPA offer and make people make an action, instead of making someone to pay for a product.

The nice thing about CPA offers is that the conversion rate is a lot higher. People prefer to make an action that don't cost them money and get something for free because they did that action. If you are surfing online, and you see an opt-in page, the chances that you will complete an offer for free and get a free ebook or a free video course are a lot higher than if you were need to pay for a product. That's why people are making huge amounts of traffic from CPA offers, because they are just converting a lot better than the regular sales process.

In the next post I'll be talking about the "Zero Friction Marketing" and how you can make thousands of dollars simply by promoting CPA offers by a step by step guide to riches.

I'll write my next post soon.

Mike G

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